The Cult of the Red Goddess vs. Satanism: What's the Difference?


I have a lot of clients ask me if I am a Satanist, or if Cult of the Red Goddess (CRG) is a Satanic cult. The answer is: yes and no. In this post I provide some insights to the origins of CRG and how it differs from Satanism.

A lot of clients are fascinated by Satan, and Satanism, largely because they had a Christian or Catholic upbringing where Satan, Lucifer, or “The Devil” was taught as the ultimate evil to be avoided at all cost. I was raised Buddhist by Japanese immigrant parents, so I do not have the same baggage around Christianity that these clients do. I was not raised Christian, therefore Satanism and blasphemy are not at all shocking or taboo for me. In fact, I find the Christian ideas of good and evil to be hypocritical, rigid, and flawed concepts. There is no good and evil as far as I am concerned, only dark and light, and both principles are important within The Cult of the Red Goddess.


I did read Lavey’s Satanic bible when I first started studying the occult, and I am indeed a fan of Satanism, and I the majority of real life Satanists that I know are wonderful people that I respect a great deal. Am I a Satanist? Yes, in that I love Lucifer (who is, after all an angel known as the “bringer of light” i.e. KNOWLEDGE) and that I agree with many of the tenets of Satanism. I believe that Lucifer and Samael (Lilith’s consort) represents the divine masculine incubus principle that balances the divine feminine of the succubus Red Goddess. However I would not say that CRG is a a Satanic cult. Here’s why:

  1. As I mentioned before, many people are interested in Satan as a response to toxic Christian programming. Religious deprogramming in preparation for initiation to CRG (see lesson one of my Elite Slave Training program if you wish to begin this process), requires dissolving limiting beliefs around good and evil installed by Christian upbringing. That includes fearing Satan. The fascination with Satan held by many is simply continuing to play out religious programming that is no longer useful. Attachment to Satan represents clinging to Christian values and beliefs. And if that’s your fetish- good for you, but it’s not what CRG is about.

  2. I am a fucking female supremacist! I prefer to center female energies in my spiritual practice. It is also worth noting that the Satanic Baphomet is both male AND female. The sigil of Baphomet often contains the names of the demon lovers Samael and Lilith, Lilith being the female demon who was Adam’s first wife. Satanism reveres many female and androgynous deities beyond the masculine Lucifer.

baphomet sigil.png

Now, if your fetish is being tempted by Satan, or blaspheming against Jehovah and Jesus, I have no problem with that whatsoever. (In Jesus’ defense: his wife was a sacred whore and I’m pretty sure he was bisexual. He seemed to be a cool guy, it’s just that his followers really suck sometimes). In fact, I really love these fantasies. But that’s all they are to me: fantasies. If you really want to go deeper into spiritual slave training as a devotee within the Cult of the Red Goddess, I WILL ask more of you. I will ask you to release your attachment to the false binary of good and evil, and emerge completely transformed through the power of the Red Goddess.

Dark Blessings,

Goddess Eriko

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Witchcraft Wednesday: Sigil Magick

Witchcraft Wednesday: Sigil Magick

Witchcraft Wednesday.jpg


Welcome to Witchcraft Wednesday! This is a new series of blog posts I will be making to give you deeper insight to the Magick that I practice as the High Priestess of the Cult of the Red Goddess.  

Today I want to give an introduction to the concept of Sigil Magick, as well as giving you my personal Sigil which you can use to feel more deeply bound to me. Here is an excellent article on Sigil Magick if you'd like to explore this on a deeper level. 

If you don't feel like reading that article, here's the important part: "Sigil magic is the art of using symbols and imagery to manifest a specific intent or outcome. A meaningless shape or figure that is given meaning by the magician and then deployed, released among the target population to spread like a virus." 

The author tend goes on to describe how a corporate logo can function in this way as a very powerful mind-control device. In the third lesson of my advanced Initiation to the Cult of the Red Goddess Course,  I introduced my personal sigil: 

Goddess Eriko Sigil.jpg

I am offering this sigil free of charge to my acolytes as a gift (but you are welcome to offer a tribute as thanks). It is a very powerful tool you can use to bind yourself more deeply to me in servitude and worship. 

You may activate this sigil to work it's magick on you by looking at it as you masturbate. Stare it as you reach your climax, imagine dedicating your orgasmic energy to me. 

You also may draw it or print it out and carry it with you (in your wallet, if you'd like to send some prosperity magic my way!) or close to your body in a pants or shirt pocket, inside your pillow, etc.

You can also look at the sigil while praying to me, edging, or listening to one of my recordings to form an intense energetic link to me. 

You can also commission a custom sigil spell from me, request a tarot card reading, or submit a petition if you wish to be included in my next New Moon or Full Moon binding spell. Next one will be cast on 7/13/18. 

Until next time.....


Goddess Eriko

My Favorite Fetishes: Tributing

My Favorite Fetishes: Tributing

Are you familiar with the concept of tributing? Pioneered by the Reddit "TributeMe" subreddit. it's the practice of a man shooting his cum load all over the photo over someone's photo: nude photo or face pic, usually. In the case of Reddit, it's women who are eager to see a stranger's semen sprayed across a picture of their ass, pussy or tits. The women who submit photos are carefully screened so it's verified that her photos are REAL.

I have always loved having my lover's cum sprayed on my breasts, ass, face, inside or on top of my pussy...So of course the idea of a total stranger cumming to my photos and seeing their load all over it turns me on to the extreme. One of my regulars did this for me today and it was incredibly hot to see. Want a peek?


Although I have not submitted photos to the Reddit forum, it gave me an idea for a tribute PTV game! Click the PTV to receive a selection of naughty pics to choose from, including an xtra explicit pussy pic not available in any of my goodie bags...You pick the one you like best, cum on it for me, send me a pic of my "tributed" pic and I will post it to my twitter! I'm soooo looking forward to this...

My Favorite Fetishes: Pantyhose, Stockings & Hosiery

While taking requests for my most recent photo shoot, I had several people request pantyhose pics. I've always preferred gartered stockings to pantyhose (I like the feeling of my pussy being bare and exposed), but I had a very erotic experience modeling wearing nothing but a pair of sheer, clingy nude pantyhose for my photographer...

I loved the silky feeling of the pantyhose as they slid over my freshly shaved and lotioned legs, ass, and cunt. They clung to every curve of my body, the crotch panel nestling right against my bare pussy lips. I felt so naked and exposed while wearing this item of clothing that concealed so very little....Just a painted-on layer of transparent, shiny, silky fabric...

I enjoyed posing and flexing in the pantyhose, even getting into a yoga shoulder stand and spreading my legs as wide as possible!

  Purchase Pantyhose Tease Photoset Part 1 by  clicking here.

Purchase Pantyhose Tease Photoset Part 1 by clicking here.

I began having erotic thoughts about being a slutty CEO in a sheer blouse, fuck me pumps, and a tight pencil skirt, wearing nothing but pantyhose underneath. I grew wet while imagining calling an employee into my office after hours to tell him he's fired for being a loose cannon and losing his temper with difficult clients. He begs to keep his job, so I tell him I'll give him one more chance to please me...He sees my nipples growing hard under the nearly see-through fabric of my blouse...I uncross my legs, flashing my pantyhose-clad thighs and pussy at him. 

He knows what I want him to do. He grabs me by my bun and bends me over my desk, lifting my skirt up over my ass. He spanks me hard, before using brute strength to rip out the crotch panel of his pantyhose. He reaches forward and grabs my office phone. He presses the speed dial button for my husband, and tells me to tell him I'll be coming home late. I struggle to keep my voice steady as my alpha male employee begins to slide his huge cock into my pussy, fucking me hard through my torn pantyhose. 

"Don't wait up for me..."

He snatches the phone away me and holds it inches away from where his balls are loudly slapping against my wet pussy. He wants my husband to know....

It's amazing how much wearing these pantyhose (and stripping out of them) turned me on! 

 Purchase Pantyhose tease part two by clicking here...

Purchase Pantyhose tease part two by clicking here...

Ok, I'm getting horny and need to go masturbate now. I hope you cum hard looking at these pics....I know I did! Maybe I'll finish this story in a new recording soon....

The Best Part of a Woman...

Hello my darlings,

It's been a while since I've update the blog, but I'm excited for today's post. I decided to run a little poll both on Niteflirt and on my twitter, to ask my patrons what their favorite/sexiest part of a woman's body is in their estimation. I was expecting a lot of people to reply "butt" because, well...You've seen my photos. 

 One of my best assets, no pun intended!

One of my best assets, no pun intended!

As predicted, booty was the #1 favorite body part of people who responded on Niteflirt. Here's how the percentages broke down:

Ass/butt: 35%
Legs: 21%
Eyes or face: 21%
Breasts: 14%
Hips: 7%

Now here's the results from Twitter:

 One follower also voted for feet after the poll closed. 

One follower also voted for feet after the poll closed. 

As you can see, butt was equally popular in both groups of respondents but folks on twitter are way more excited about boobs, apparently! Folks on Niteflirt were more into legs and face as well.

I really loved reading the wonderful things you had to say about what you love about women's bodies:

"if I had to pick one body part it would be the ass.  A great ass that's not too big and not too small is lovely.  It's summer dress season here in NY and the way a nice rump moves under a dress is intoxicating.  Just a little side to side movement that catches your eye and says "over here, big boy".  It wants to be kissed, squeezed and spanked.  And when you get behind your woman there's just no better view than that ass moving, the muscles of her back, and her exposed neck and shoulders."

"Although it wasn't exactly listed, I'd say hips.  What I mean by that is that I love the curve from a tiny waist (that term, "tiny" is relative - even a larger woman can have a tiny waist if it is significantly smaller than her hips), down to her round hips.  Sort of the classic hour glass figure. Nothing is better than laying next to a woman, both of us on our sides, and I take my hand and start at her upper back.  I then slowly bring it to her rib cage, on the side.  Then is gradually slides down, like  a gentle hill to the valley of her waist.  Once there, it lingers for moment before gliding up to the apex of her round, curvy hip.  From there, a number of options are possible.  Maybe reverse course.  Or slide back to grab her ass, or caress her inner thigh, or.......??"

"Face then breasts. Body parts are fun, but the face is the expressive part, the physical embodiment of the emotional parts of a partner. You really can't go wrong with it."

"Most erotic is the feet, staring up at the soles."

Thanks so much to all of you who responded!

As for me personally? Well, besides pussy, which I adore, I think I am most obsessed with playing with other women's boobs. (Yes, I am bisexual and love girls!) I just get dumb around big breasts and want to touch them, they are so visually enticing to me! But to be honest, I love every part of a woman's body and I love how much diverse beauty there is on Niteflirt and beyond.

And my favorite part of a man's body (besides his dick)? His arms and chest. I love muscular, vascular arms and strong hands. I also love lying with my face on a man's chest playing with his chest hair, it's so relaxing! So maybe I'm just into breasts/chests all around?

Stay tuned for more poll topics in future....

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My Favorite Fantasies: Gangbangs

Maybe it's because my birthday is coming up soon (4/21) but I have a very naughty, forbidden birthday fantasy. Right now I am single, but I think my perfect boyfriend would be one who knows that I'm wayyyyy too horny for one man to handle. My boyfriend and I would share a special love, but he'd understand that when it comes to cock, I can be fucking insatiable. And it would seem that most men can't seem to keep their eyes or hands off me, either. 

So my birthday fantasy is this- my boyfriend tells me that he's got a surprise planned for me. He comes to my house, bearing a stack of gifts and a bottle of REAL champagne. (Have I mentioned that gifts are my love language?) He opens the bottle of champagne, and pours me a glass to enjoy while I open my presents. Some of the boxes contain new lingerie, heels, lipstick, and a dress for me to wear to dinner. I tease him with glimpses of my body while I change into the sexy ensemble he has brought me- something tight, and low cut, with thigh high stockings and fuck-me pumps. 

My boyfriend takes me out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants on Randolph St. in Chicago, and he tells me he's booked a room at the Four Seasons. I think we're going to have some sexy one-on-one time. He opens the door, and we begin kissing on the big, soft bed. And then....I hear the door open. 

I gasp, thinking maybe housekeeping has barged in. "Shhhh...." my boyfriend says to me. "This is the best part of your birthday surprise.

I look up, and see a handsome, muscular man standing at the foot of the bed. He says nothing, but begins to undress. My boyfriend sits behind me on the bed, with me leaning back against his chest, and reaches down to pull my skirt up all the way to my waist, exposing my stockings and panties. The mystery man pulls down my panties, spreads my thighs, and begins eating me out, while my boyfriend kisses my neck, reaching down the front of my dress to pull out my tits. My boyfriend begins squeezing and pinching my nipples while I begin cumming in mystery man's mouth. My pussy is now dripping wet. 

Mystery man takes his hard cock in his hand, and positions the head right at the opening of my spread, swollen pussy, and starts to push it in. He starts fucking me bareback with deep strokes, and I feel my pussy stretching to accommodate his huge girth. He hits my g-spot perfectly with each thrust, and before I know it, I'm gushing and squirting all over his cock. My boyfriend is clearly turned on by watching him penetrate me with his enormous cock, and starts squeezing my tits even harder, I feel his cock hard in his pants. The mysterious man flips me onto my stomach with his big muscular arms, and before I know it, I'm all on fours, sucking my boyfriend's cock while the stranger pounds me from behind. Before I know what's happening, I feel the stranger squirting his hot cum directly into my pussy as he rubs my clit, bringing me to a second intense orgasm, causing my cunt to eagerly drink up his sperm. I feel him slide out wetly, thinking the threesome is over.

But then, I feel another cock push into me. I stop sucking my boyfriend for a moment, and look over my shoulder. I realize that when I was distracted by the cock in my mouth and the cock in my pussy, five more men had entered the room into the room. They're standing in line, stroking their cocks, waiting to take their turn with my pussy. I look up at my boyfriend, and he's smiling. "I better help them prepare, he says, and I see him get down on his knees, sucking one man's cock while jerking off two others. I love seeing my boyfriend pleasure other men, especially when he's preparing them to fuck me....

The man who is inside of me turns me over and lifts me up so that he's standing, balls-deep in my pussy, with my arms around his neck and thighs wrapped around his waist. A second man approaches me from behind, and I feel him begin to press his lubricated cock between my cheeks and into my ass. I realize my entire body weight is being supported by these two cocks buried deep inside of me. I see the men passing around a bottle of pills- viagra. I realize that I'm going to be taking cocks and being filled with cum in all of my holes while my boyfriend watches and videotapes it, all night long...

The ultimate ending to this fantasy is a few weeks late I realize I'm knocked up, but I don't know which of the guys did it. All I know is that it isn't my boyfriend's- he's the only guy who didn't come in my pussy that night. Every time he fucks me after that, I can feel him getting extra hard as my tits and belly swells, and I know he's thinking about the night that he let six strangers fill me up with cum over and over again....and it makes me cum hard, too! 

Did you like this story? Call me up and tell me all about it....

My Favorite Fantasies: Breeding and Impregnation

 Her fingers are inches away from her throbbing clit and wet hole...

Her fingers are inches away from her throbbing clit and wet hole...

It's very strange...Even though I don't intend to become pregnant or have a child any time soon...One of my favorite fantasies both for solo masturbation and phone sex is breeding and impregnation. 

Maybe it's the fact that when you look at a beautiful pregnant woman, the first thing you can think of (at least for me) is how she got pregnant. You wonder if it was a carefully planned session of lovemaking with a husband or boyfriend...Or even hotter, bareback sex that felt so good that they didn't use a condom or pull out...Maybe she knew she was taking a risk, but that primal urge to open up her body to a powerful man's sperm took over, overriding all logic...Maybe he whispered "I'm going to breed you" into her ear,  right before he pushed the tip of his cock as deep inside her fertile pussy as possible to ensure that he pumped a potent load of semen directly into her waiting womb. Maybe she whimpered "knock me up" as she spread her thighs open wider to take him deeper, then wrapped her legs around him so tightly that he can't pull out, even if originally he was planning to.

There's something about watching her body grow that's hot to me, as if the fertile sexuality of her body is being placed on public display. Even the most flat chested women develop huge tits when they're bred. Pregnant women's bodies seem to be just made for sex, especially since the hormones released often make them insatiably aroused and hungry for cock. And because they're already pregnant, they can bareback as much as they want, even multiple men. I love imagining myself pregnant on all fours, with my baby bump and huge breasts swaying as I beg a group of alpha males to take turns with my wet, swollen pregnant pussy. 

 hmmm....I think I need to go masturbate now...

hmmm....I think I need to go masturbate now...

Yes, breeding is definitely a privilege for alpha males only. Many beta males are thrilled at the prospect of watching their wife get stretched and made to cum over and over by a superior cock, that moment of no return when the alpha male's massive cock and balls start throbbing and pumping semen into her fertile womb...Many couples who have trouble conceiving would be much better off if they just used this highly-effective method. Who cares if the husband is the biological father or not? If he's a beta male he doesn't deserve to have his inferior genes carried on anyway! If the baby is obviously not his (i.e. if it's the wrong color) then it's even better- a public admission that he was cucked, and a daily public humiliation that he deserves. 

If you love breeding and impregnation fantasies you should definitely check out some of my MP3s at!

Breeding & Impregnation MP3 Bundle

Breeding the Japanese Maid

Begging You to Breed Me: Hypnotic JOI Creampie Fantasy

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A Cuckold's Tale

A Cuckold's Tale

Note: The Following is a work of erotic fiction.

Eric and I will be celebrating our two year anniversary next week. I know I should be excited about it, because my friends and family all seem to be. Eric is hinting he's got something special planned, so there's pressure on me to surprise him as well.

To be honest, I have a surprise for Eric, but I'm not sure how he'll take it.

Eric is a nice guy. Sure, my parents would prefer that I be with an Asian guy, but Eric is well dressed, polite, and thoughtful. Everything a girl should want in a boyfriend. But the truth is I'm bored. Everything about Eric is average, including his cock. He wants to have sex once a week, at the same time, and same day. I've never cheated on a boyfriend before... But Eric just doesn't know how to satisfy me. 

I met Mario at my gym. He's a Dominican guy, 6'3" and totally ripped. I hired him to do some personal training sessions with me, but the truth was I hired him because I'd been checking him out for months. I figured it was harmless if he was touching my body as my personal trainer. Eric couldn't argue with that, especially since he loved how fit and muscular my body has become since I'd started working out with Mario. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that when Mario has his hands on my hips, encouraging me to do 3 more lunges when my thighs are already burning, that my pussy gets super wet. I can't help it...

Apparently Mario noticed that I was getting turned on, too. He asked me if I needed a ride home after my session one day, and of course I accepted the offer. Mario's SUV was parked in a dark corner of the gym parking lot, and the back seats were folded down, with blankets covering them like a bed. Mario opened up the back of the car and told me to climb in, because he had something he wanted to show me in the back. Once inside, he followed me in, and closed the door. 

"What did you want to show me?" I asked, kneeling on all fours in the back of the car.

"I'll show you, Eriko." Mario yanked down my bootyshorts, pulled my thong to one side, and thrust two fingers into my soaking wet pussy.

"I knew you'd be tight," he whispered as he sucked on my ear. 

Before I knew it, he was pushing his cock into me, with no condom. I thought about telling him to stop for a moment, since I'd forgotten to take my pill that day. But it felt so good, and I was so sex starved after 2 years with Eric that I didn't want him to stop. His huge naked cock was buried in me to the hilt, with his balls slapping against my clit. I felt him pull my sports bra down over my tits so he could grope my tits and pinch my nipples with his big, strong hands. It wasn't long before I was squirting and cumming all over his thick shaft, causing the mushroom head of his cock to begin pumping a huge load of sperm directly into my waiting cervix. Once he had finished, he pulled out, yanked my shorts back up to keep the sperm inside of me, and grabbed my hair so I could lick his cock clean. I swallowed his cock greedily, savoring every drop of my juices mixed with his cum.

Later that night, Eric decided he was in the mood, and went down on me. He commented on how wet I was, completely unaware that he was swallowing a load of another man's cum. 

This was the first time, but it wasn't the last. I even gave Mario a key to our apartment so he could come fuck me every day, in the bed I shared with Eric. There was something so hot about cheating on Eric in our own bed. I couldn't get enough of Mario's cock and cum. I loved sucking his cock and taking creampies in my pussy and ass. There was only one catch- Mario didn't know about Eric either, and begin pushing for us to start a real relationship. He told me I had the tightest pussy he'd ever felt, and he wanted to lock me down. I knew that the longer I kept the lie up, the more likely that I'd lose both of them. So I decided it was time to come clean, and tell both of them.

Eric reserved a fancy hotel room for the night of our anniversary. I told Mario to meet me there about 15 minutes before Eric arrived. Mario and I would start fucking, and Eric would walk in on us, and I could tell him that I decided to surprise him with a threesome for our anniversary, to spice things up. Of course, that was what I had planned, but things turned out a little differently...

Buy the recording to find out how this story ends! 

And of course you can always call me and tell me your nastiest cuckold fantasies...

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The Fine Art of Bitchcraft

The Fine Art of Bitchcraft

Remember when Christine O'Donnell said she's not a witch? Well, I am. 

My name is Eriko Tanaka, and I am a witch. 

Don't be afraid! Actually, wait, do be afraid. I am capable of working very powerful spells, and in fact, clients have paid me to do so. Nothing further enforces deep hypnotic enslavement programming like a love or domination spell for good measure. Be careful what you wish for, however...Once the spell is cast, that desire to submit to me quickly turns into an all-consuming obsession. 

I'll let you in on a secret- almost all successful sex workers are practicing witches. It doesn't really matter whether or not YOU believe in it, because it will work on you just the same. Does sex work attract witches, or are sex workers drawn to witchcraft? Does it really matter? We'll find ways to wrap you around our little fingers....

You might be wondering *how* it works? Well, that's MY secret, but I'll tell you this much: feeding on the energy of worship, adoration, and tributes (because yes, money is a physical embodiment of energy) has made me into the successful and powerful Goddess I am. I guess you could say I'm a little bit of a succubus, or psychic vampire. I enjoy draining men and making them fall madly in love with me. I don't see any harm in that, especially when my men beg me to place love and mind control spells on them...You can't help but love a willing victim!  

Does the idea of being the helpless slave of a real witch get you rock hard? Stop fantasizing, and give me a call....I will make this fantasy a reality. 

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Why fight the urge?


Thoughts on Spiritual Sex and Tantra

Thoughts on Spiritual Sex and Tantra

You may wonder why as a Dominant Woman,  I prefer to be called Goddess rather than Mistress of Ma'am (the worst!) 

I truly and fully came into my dominant power when I began studying Tantra (a spiritual path that can include sexual meditations), and learned to embrace my inner Goddess nature. My teacher used to call me her "beautiful Goddess sister" and while at first it seemed a little silly, after time I realized that I love being called a Goddess. I call my female friends Goddess and Queen on a daily basis to remind each other of our innate power as women. 

I ask my submissives and slaves to call me Goddess instead of Mistress, because in that way they are not only worshipping me, but worshipping the power and glory of Divine Feminine Power. Men have this power inside of them too, and are happiest when this side of themselves is in balance with their masculinity. Instead, many seek to suppress the sacred feminine aspect of themselves because our society devalues and degrades femininity. Embracing this aspect of yourself does not necessarily mean putting on lipstick or a dress (though I do think sissification does tie into this suppressed energy), but learning how to surrender rather than being controlling. Learning to listen, to be gentle, loving, caring and patient. 


When my slaves ask how they can best serve me, I ask them to live their best lives in devotion to the Goddess. This means taking care of their bodies with healthy diet and exercise. Taking care of their minds through reading and meditation. Taking care of their souls by calling on Goddess energy when life gets to be too much. But most importantly, learning to enjoy life and find pleasure is critical to health and well being. Spiritual sex is not as complicated as it sounds.

Spiritual sex is breathing. Going slowly. Edging. Building anticipation. Focusing on the process of giving and receiving pleasure fully, rather than rushing. Focusing 100% on the feeling on your body instead of letting your mind drift. When one does release the powerful energy of orgasm, that energy can be directed towards manifesting a goal (what is called "sex magic"). I often ask my submissives and slaves to direct their sexual energy to me when they have their orgasm as an energetic "gift" of devotion. 

I incorporate spiritual sexuality into my training and hypnosis for those who desire it. My clients have found it to be deeply relaxing, and transformative in their daily lives. They feel happier, more balanced, and more relaxed as they learn to surrender and embrace what is. Our society would have us believe that sex is a dirty thing, but in fact it is some of the most sacred and powerful energy in existence. 

One of my favorite Tantric practices is yoni (vulva) and lingam (penis) massage. These massage techniques allow the receiver to simply receive sensation, pleasure, and release with any emphasis on orgasm. How often does one get to lie back and simply receive relaxing sexual pleasure in this way? You don't even have to have an erect penis to receive this massage (though it is often a side effect of these techniques!) Lingam massage can be performed on oneself as a sexual healing practice, and I often use the techniques as part of my JOI calls and recordings.  You can check a few of them out here:

Goddess Worship Bundle

Shamanic Hypnotic JOI with Bells and Chanting

If you're interested in learning more about Tantra, I highly recommend a book called Urban Tantra by Barbara Carrellas. And of course, we can always chat about it during a call, and I can talk you through techniques that can give you intense pleasure and transform your life! 

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Goddess Eriko

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My Favorite Fantasies: Strap-On Play and Pegging

My Favorite Fantasies: Strap-On Play and Pegging

I've always loved having a cock between my legs, whether that's a cock inside My pussy, or a cock strapped on top of My pussy!

Yes, I am a long term fan of strap-on play. I got my first strap-on when I was eighteen, and have been enjoying fucking both men and women with My "cock" ever since! I love sliding My big purple dick into a willing submissive's mouth, ass, or pussy....And yes, I can actually cum from doing this, as the base of the strap-on rubs against My clit as I fuck away! 

Many men are nervous about trying strap-ons because they worry it might make them gay. While strap-ons are definitely great for forced bi fantasies, I don't think they make anyone gay. I mean, look at me- I may be wearing a big purple dick, but do I look like a man to you? If a man was really gay they'd look for a flesh and blood cock. The boys who want my strap on like it because they love being dominated by Me and the pure pleasure of prostate stimulation. If you've never received a prostate massage, you are missing out! It adds a whole new dimension to male orgasm (or so I've been told). 

In honor of one of my favorite fantasies, I've uploaded a new sensual strap on recording, and a hot set of pics of me wearing my strap-on. I also have created a special bundle with all seven pictures plus four strap-on roleplay MP3s (36 mins of content, including the new one) for only $25

And if strap-ons aren't your thing? Well, I think you're missing out, but you can check out my other goodies here

My Favorite Fantasies: Playing Doctor

My Favorite Fantasies: Playing Doctor

There is something really sexy about fantasizing about the people in positions of power that we encounter on a daily basis. There are everyday things that feel really unintentionally kinky for me, like working out with my personal trainer (when he pushes me to "go harder"), getting my brazilian wax (so much pussy pain!), and gynecologist checkups (literally getting spread open and fingered by a stranger!) Have I had fantasies about my dentist molesting me when he gave me laughing gas in order to pull my wisdom teeth out? *Maybe*. Not gonna lie! 

Doctors in particular have the power to force you to strip naked and expose every inch of your body to them. (Have you ever had a full body examination at the dermatologists? It's intense.) Of course it's a little humiliating too, especially if you are secretly enjoying yourself. 

 My #1 classic porn leading man! 

My #1 classic porn leading man! 

One of the hottest scenes in porn I have ever seen is a medical scene from a 1970s Jamie Gillis film called Waterpower. I am a huge fan of classic porn, and have a massive crush on the very sexy Jamie Gillis (RIP!), but be warned that this is kind of an incredibly dark and disturbing film about an enema fetishist. However, there's an incredibly hot medical scenario in this film (it starts about 13 minutes in if you click the link above). It takes place in a BD/SM dungeon, where a Doctor/Patient roleplay is in progress. The "patient" is a pretty young woman named Pamela who has been "generally disobedient" and needs to have her body "cleaned of vile humors" with a high colonic. Pamela is bound and gagged for the procedure, filled up using as inflatable nozzle, and the nurse drops to her knees and gives the doctor a blowjob while he holds her open to expel the water into a bedpan. It's intense and hot as hell. 

I admit that I love the drama of medical play, assuming the role of a dominant who remains cold and clinical while doing invasive and humiliating things to a submissive, "for their own good." I love that feeling of total authority. I own a multitude of speculums, wartenberg wheels, enema bulbs, Chinese cupping sets, rubber gloves, pumps, and other toys that work great for medical scenes. (I've also had my eye on this nurse costume if you'd like to spoil me). As a matter of fact, my most popular recording on Niteflirt is a medical roleplay

I decided to go ahead and record three "follow up appointments" to the original recording.

The first one is an enema, inflatable buttplug, and penis pumping roleplay

the second is a tease and denial scenario with a sexy nurse


 the third involves you inseminating that nurse while you receive a prostate massage with a strap-on!

 You can buy them separately as standalone recordings, or as a bundle for $24

I would love to hear what you think about medical fantasies! Give me a call and tell me your thoughts....

 Not me, but super cute! <3

Not me, but super cute! <3

The Art of Pleasing a Woman

The Art of Pleasing a Woman

In my line of work, I have the luxury of discussing with men certain things that social graces dictate that most woman not talk about. 

I get asked a lot about the best way to please a woman. Hint: it may not be what you think/assume it is. It may seem like women are difficult to please. That is sometimes true, or it may be that you're not listening. The following tips are based on 26 years of being a woman, and may not be true for all women, but might be helpful nevertheless.

1. Compliment us. We put a lot of time, energy, and money into being pretty. Be specific if you like the color of her lipstick or the way her ass looks in those jeans. ESPECIALLY COMPLIMENT OUR LINGERIE. That shit is expensive and complicated to wear! Make us feel like it's worth it. On that note...

2. Let us pick out the lingerie you give us. If you want to give a lady a gift (lingerie or otherwise) there are three ways to do it:
a. gift card
b. take us shopping
c. have your lady make an online wishlist
I know you might want to surprise her, or have some say in what she wears. That's where C really comes in handy. But if she hates the lingerie you buy her, she's not going to want to wear it, which is pretty pointless! 

3. Let us lie the fuck down when you give us pleasure. Trust me, I like riding a dick or a face as much as anyone. But if I'm trying to cum, I need to be flat on my back relaxed and focusing. If you want a lady to ride your face for your pleasure, by all means ask, but don't view that as giving us pleasure if it's really mostly about your Queening fetish.

4. On that note- don't confuse your pleasure with her pleasure. Both of you deserve pleasure. But don't pressure her to do something she's not into by trying to convince her it's what she wants, if it isn't. If you ask what would give her pleasure and she says she wants massage, and five minutes into the massage you stick your dick in her from behind (this has happened to me WITH TWO DIFFERENT GUYS), you're not actually pleasuring her. You're cheating her of the thing she actually wanted in order to skip ahead to what you want. Not cool. 

4. Get good at using your hands. Learn how to give a yoni massage. Being touched with hands can feel as good as a dick or being eaten out, especially if it's all about just relaxing and receiving pleasure, with no rush, no pressure to come. Take your time. Seriously. Let her relax and receive pleasure 100% while you play with her nipples, her clit, massage her pussy, finger her, use toys, etc. Stay there a long time, unless she wants you to stop. Watch this video to see what I'm talking about. 

5. Stop trying to make her cum. I know, this sounds counter-intuitive. The truth is, you CAN'T make her cum. It's her body. Whether or not she has an orgasm is going to depend on a lot of factors, but pressuring her and pestering her to have an orgasm generally will have the opposite of the desired effect. If it happens, great. If it doesn't, don't take it personally, or try something else.


magic wand.JPG

6. Make friends with sex toys. I recommend that everyone own a Magic Wand Rechargeable (the original is great too, just less convenient) and an Njoy Pure Wand. These toys can be total game changers for waking up the clitoris and the g-spot. Explore them together but also let her have some solo time with them!

7. Let her drive the clit (if she wants to). I cannot cum from another person fingering or using a vibrator on a clit. My clit is very fussy and high maintenance. So don't be upset if she needs to work her clit herself, it's not a failure on your part. For me personally I love using a vibrator on my clit while being fucked by a partner, or having him finger my pussy- it's a surefire way for me to cum for me!

8. Most importantly ASK. And LISTEN! Don't assume you know what she wants, or what will make her cum or give her pleasure. Remember that if you make her happy, she'll make YOU happy <3


My Favorite Fantasies: Boxing, Wrestling, and Catfighting

My Favorite Fantasies: Boxing, Wrestling, and Catfighting

I first realized how much wrestling turned me on when I was nineteen. I was at a kinky party where they had some set up some mats to do erotic wrestling. I was approached by Kaz, a short but muscular Polish guy, who asked if I wanted to go down to the mat with him. I am five feet tall and 105 pounds, what is known as an "atomweight" in the fighting world, or a "spinner" in the sex worker world (though I would beat the shit out of any man who dared "spin" me!) Kaz was about 5' 6" and 145- a lightweight by male standards, but still bigger for me. He promised I could tap out at any time if I felt overwhelmed, but I learned that my smallness was an advantage in some ways. Kaz was stronger, but I was faster, and my smallness made it easier to wriggle out of his grasp. It was my first time wrestling a man, and I was surprised to find myself getting wetter and wetter as we struggled together (and I was only wearing my black lace bra and panty set, Kaz was in a tight pair of boxer briefs- it was a sex party, after all). At one point, Kaz was on top and I could feel him rubbing his rock hard erection against my inner thigh, dangerously close to my pussy. Click here if you want to know how the rest of the night went. ;)

After that night, wrestling became a major turn on for me. I got addicted to the porn site Ultimate Surrender, which featured girls wrestling and fighting with a winner takes all finish, usually strap-on, rough fingering, and face sitting. I started dating a guy named Jesse who also had a thing for wrestling, but said the girls on Ultimate Surrender lacked real skills, so he turned me on to watching UFC MMA fights. Even though those "official" fights are not advertised as sexual in nature, there is something so homoerotic and hot to me about them. Jesse and I would watch these fights together, then wrestle in bed, ending up with one of us pinning the other to the bed before a round of bareback fucking. I still masturbate thinking about it! 

I was introduced to boxing fetish, aka agonophilia, by one of my favorite clients. I introduced him to my friend who is an editor friend, so you can actually read about his fetish here! It wasn't much of a stretch to go from a wrestling fetish to boxing (esp. since MMA often has a strong boxing component). He even sent me a pair of pink boxing gloves so I could hit the bag in the gym in my apartment building. (Check out my deluxe boxing goody bag here if you want more!)

After realizing how much I love boxing, I began making boxing recordings and photo sets and have realized that it's truly an underserved niche on Niteflirt- a niche that I am excited to fulfill! I love doing boxing fantasy roleplays with clients, it is just too much fun...

And while we're on the subject of fighting....Catfights are definitely a slightly different genre than regular wrestling and boxing, but they're also a helluva a lot of fun. I love it when clients have me make custom recordings where I kick the ass of someone who drives them up the wall in real life (usually a mother-in-law, wife's bitchy friend, ex-girlfriend, etc.). Seems like a healthy way to blow off some steam :) 

I could discuss this topic forever, but if you wanna know more, you can give me a call. I'll leave you with this amazingly erotic Versace video my dear agonophile client sent me, because it is SUPER HOT! 

Until next time...XOXO

My PSO Story

My PSO Story

I get asked a lot about how I got into working as a PSO, both by clients and friends. (I also have a lot of people ask me to help them get into the biz, but that’s another story for another time). In case you are wondering, yes, Niteflirt is how I make a living. I also make and sell artwork under a different name, but phone sex is where the majority of my income comes from. It’s a wonderful job that allows me to meet many different kinds of people, offers me flexible hours, and allows me to work from anywhere (which is amazing because travel is my favorite hobby!) The best part is I get paid to talk about sex, which is something I love to do anyway!

I started out by working for an agency when I was eighteen years old. It was a good way to make money as a college student, but to be honest, I hated working for this particular agency (who will remain anonymous). They charged my clients as much as $5 a minute, while paying me less than minimum wage. They made me lie to the clients and say that I was calling a party line for free, and I was never allowed to admit that I was a PSO. My phone was connected to hundreds of lines, and I rarely spoke the the same person twice, let alone had any opportunities to build relationships with regulars. Every time the phone rang, a voice would tell me what type of call it was (Latina, Asian, Ebony, BD/SM, Smoking, Hairy Woman, etc. etc. etc.), so I was pretending to be dozens of different girls everyday! It was sort of stressful having to make up a new character every single time instead of getting to be myself (which I do now). 

I quit the agency after a year, after becoming fed up with the exploitative ways they treated their employees. I took a break from phone sex for a while, but found myself missing it. I loved talking to clients about their fantasies. A friend told me about Niteflirt. I wasn’t sure at first if I would make enough money as an independent PSO, since it was up to me to create my own profiles and so forth rather than simply having calls routed to me. I was surprised when I realized I could make more money in one day on Niteflirt than I’d make in a month at the agency. (Wish I was joking- the agency was really that bad.) The Niteflirt platform is a great fit for me, and six years later, I haven’t looked back since. 

It's wonderful having the power to control my image, rates, and marketing, as well as the opportunity to develop deeply satisfying relationships with my clients. I’ve continued to grow my business over the years by offering custom recordings, photo sets, and other content, as well as gaining a social media presence through my Twitter & this blog. It’s been great getting to share more about me and my life with clients, as well as getting to know them better as well! 

Another fun fact about my career as a PSO: I have a Master’s degree and have held down some prestigious jobs while doing this work. At some point I just realized that it paid better and I liked it more than anything else I could be doing. I think at the end of the day I'm a creative person and social butterfly and this is the best fit for my personality on so many levels. 

So that’s pretty much my PSO story. Would love to hear about what first brought you to Niteflirt the next time we chat! 

I'm on the cover of a book!

I'm on the cover of a book!

My friend Ash wrote an erotic novella and used my photo for the cover!  You can buy it on Amazon

 I can now add romance novel cover model to my resume!&nbsp;

I can now add romance novel cover model to my resume! 

Ash says: "The Erotic Education of Ceri is an erotic BDSM romance novella (about 50 pages) set in an alternate universe, about a young woman who is sent to a pleasure house to learn the erotic arts in order to serve as a royal courtesan. There are deep throating lessons. And spankings. The next installments will only get smuttier. It's like Fifty Shades of Grey if it was written by a person who was actually kinky, and knew how to write!"

If you enjoy reading kinky erotica, you should check it out

The Art of being a VIP Client

As a veteran phone courtesan, I have talked to hundreds (if not thousands!) of people over the years. And yes, while this is my career, I do care about my clients, and there are particular individuals whose calls I especially look forward to. The bottom line is if you are a good client, you will have a better overall experience on your calls, and with forming intimate connections with your favorite flirt(s). I decided to write up a little guide to give you some insight to what it takes to be the sort of unforgettable client I love!

Mistress1 watermark.jpg

1. Don't ask for discounts, or haggle- ever.
I have blocked people over this type of behavior. It is rude and disrespectful. The worst are the guys who say "I know a girl who will do the same thing for half your rate"- great, please call her instead. Free minutes, etc. must be offered by the flirt herself, because she likes you. She is the one who decides if you get a hookup- not you. I am the most generous with clients who are generous with me. There is nothing less sexy than a broke beggar. Good phone sex is a luxury worth saving for. 

2. Allow enough time for the call.
Especially if it's your first time calling, or you want something time consuming such as hypnosis. Set aside a minimum of 20 minutes for your call, longer if you want a deep hypno session. Add enough money to your account so that the call is not interrupted every five minutes with a one minute warning.  It is frustrating to have someone edge themselves, call, and expect me to get them off in three minutes so they can hang up. 

3. Know what YOU want.
When you call me, I want to make you happy and give you a wonderful experience, whether you are seeking a mind blowing orgasm, some pleasurable relaxation, or just some friendly conversation. But although I am highly intuitive, I am not a mind reader. 

It's always a good idea to go into a call for some sense of what you want. It's not enough information to know that you are submissive, or "want a woman to tell you what to do." Give me specific details. Is your fantasy about being spanked? Cuckolded? What do you envision me wearing? What do you envision YOU wearing? Check out my list of favorite fantasies if you need some inspiration. These little details are tremendously helpful in helping us create the experience you desire. There is no need to be shy about what it is you really want. No matter how weird you think it is, I can guarantee I've probably heard weirder. If anything your fantasy may be way more common than you realize. 

It's also a good idea to spend the time to find a flirt who really meets your needs. If you call a submissive flirt because you like her photo, but you wish to be dominated, you'll be both be disappointed. If you're not certain if a flirt will be interested in your particular fantasy,  you can always send a message to check in before calling. However, it is a good idea to send a tribute if the message is particularly long, or if you desire a prolonged correspondence, to demonstrate that you value her time. Many of us receive dozens of message each day, and may or may not have time to read multiple messages if we are busy with calls. A tribute helps you stand out from the rest.

4. Respect boundaries and keep realistic expectations. 
It can be easy to forget that you are paying for a sexual fantasy if you feel a deep connection and "fall" for a flirt. After all, a charming, sexy, and likable personality is a requirement for this job! I genuinely enjoy the company of my clients and am usually pretty open and honest about what type of person I am. However, I do have a personal life that I keep separate from my work, and I strongly feel that this clearly defined boundary is part of why I am successful. 

Begging a flirt to meet you in person, say "I love you," or date you is unfair and inappropriate. If a girlfriend is what you are looking for, you'll be much better off signing up with an online dating service. A flirt cannot replace your desire for an in-person relationship, and it is unrealistic to expect us to meet that need for you. 

5. Be respectful. 
My idea of a perfect call goes something like this: the client introduces themselves, we get to know each other a little bit (or we catch up if we've spoken before), we explore an erotic fantasy together with plenty of time to build tension towards an explosive climax, we wrap up the call, and the client leaves me (hopefully positive) feedback and a tribute (it doesn't have to be a huge one, it's the thought that counts!) 

The calls I dread: client is pushy, abrupt, won't tell me their name, won't tell me what they want, behaves in a rude fashion, hangs up after a few minutes. These guys leave me frustrated, feeling as though my time has been wasted. I truly wonder why these men don't just masturbate to a free porn website! 

I'm also not a fan of callers who use racial slurs against me (without first establishing whether or not I am okay with raceplay), who push to discuss topics that are off-limits within Niteflirt's TOS, and who are otherwise insulting, degrading, or mean. These guys get blocked. 

In a nutshell? Be respectful, be realistic, be generous, and be yourself. This is the quickest way to form a great connection with a flirt who can truly give you what you need- and who will look forward to chatting with you every time.  Maybe I can be the one for you. <3


Goddess Eriko

My Favorite Fantasies: Hypnosis

My Favorite Fantasies: Hypnosis

I was on Niteflirt for several years before I began exploring hypnosis. Clients frequently requested it, but I had never studied any methods, so I didn't feel confident to try it.

At this point, hypnosis may be one of my favorite activities to explore with clients, and I have received a great deal of positive feedback regarding my technique.

I learned hypnosis by developing my own technique, one that I believe is more effective than traditional methods that are often outdated and so cliched that they often make it harder to make the subject into trance. I developed my style based on my experience as a meditator and practicioner of Tantra and Yoga. I know how to induce a trance state in myself very well, and I applied this same method to my subjects, and it works wonderfully. I also enter a trance state of my own while giving hypnosis, and find it to be very relaxing.

Since I have begun, I have read some books on the subject as well as consulting with experts. However I am glad I begun with my own instincts rather than using another person's method. More than anything, interpersonal chemistry and genuine connection is what matters the most.

I believe hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to deepen a sense of surrender in my submissive clients, as well as a wonderful tool for entering pure intimate, erotic bliss. 

Want a taste of my silky, hypnotic voice? Give me a call.