Note: The Following is a work of erotic fiction.

Eric and I will be celebrating our two year anniversary next week. I know I should be excited about it, because my friends and family all seem to be. Eric is hinting he's got something special planned, so there's pressure on me to surprise him as well.

To be honest, I have a surprise for Eric, but I'm not sure how he'll take it.

Eric is a nice guy. Sure, my parents would prefer that I be with an Asian guy, but Eric is well dressed, polite, and thoughtful. Everything a girl should want in a boyfriend. But the truth is I'm bored. Everything about Eric is average, including his cock. He wants to have sex once a week, at the same time, and same day. I've never cheated on a boyfriend before... But Eric just doesn't know how to satisfy me. 

I met Mario at my gym. He's a Dominican guy, 6'3" and totally ripped. I hired him to do some personal training sessions with me, but the truth was I hired him because I'd been checking him out for months. I figured it was harmless if he was touching my body as my personal trainer. Eric couldn't argue with that, especially since he loved how fit and muscular my body has become since I'd started working out with Mario. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that when Mario has his hands on my hips, encouraging me to do 3 more lunges when my thighs are already burning, that my pussy gets super wet. I can't help it...

Apparently Mario noticed that I was getting turned on, too. He asked me if I needed a ride home after my session one day, and of course I accepted the offer. Mario's SUV was parked in a dark corner of the gym parking lot, and the back seats were folded down, with blankets covering them like a bed. Mario opened up the back of the car and told me to climb in, because he had something he wanted to show me in the back. Once inside, he followed me in, and closed the door. 

"What did you want to show me?" I asked, kneeling on all fours in the back of the car.

"I'll show you, Eriko." Mario yanked down my bootyshorts, pulled my thong to one side, and thrust two fingers into my soaking wet pussy.

"I knew you'd be tight," he whispered as he sucked on my ear. 

Before I knew it, he was pushing his cock into me, with no condom. I thought about telling him to stop for a moment, since I'd forgotten to take my pill that day. But it felt so good, and I was so sex starved after 2 years with Eric that I didn't want him to stop. His huge naked cock was buried in me to the hilt, with his balls slapping against my clit. I felt him pull my sports bra down over my tits so he could grope my tits and pinch my nipples with his big, strong hands. It wasn't long before I was squirting and cumming all over his thick shaft, causing the mushroom head of his cock to begin pumping a huge load of sperm directly into my waiting cervix. Once he had finished, he pulled out, yanked my shorts back up to keep the sperm inside of me, and grabbed my hair so I could lick his cock clean. I swallowed his cock greedily, savoring every drop of my juices mixed with his cum.

Later that night, Eric decided he was in the mood, and went down on me. He commented on how wet I was, completely unaware that he was swallowing a load of another man's cum. 

This was the first time, but it wasn't the last. I even gave Mario a key to our apartment so he could come fuck me every day, in the bed I shared with Eric. There was something so hot about cheating on Eric in our own bed. I couldn't get enough of Mario's cock and cum. I loved sucking his cock and taking creampies in my pussy and ass. There was only one catch- Mario didn't know about Eric either, and begin pushing for us to start a real relationship. He told me I had the tightest pussy he'd ever felt, and he wanted to lock me down. I knew that the longer I kept the lie up, the more likely that I'd lose both of them. So I decided it was time to come clean, and tell both of them.

Eric reserved a fancy hotel room for the night of our anniversary. I told Mario to meet me there about 15 minutes before Eric arrived. Mario and I would start fucking, and Eric would walk in on us, and I could tell him that I decided to surprise him with a threesome for our anniversary, to spice things up. Of course, that was what I had planned, but things turned out a little differently...

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