I was on Niteflirt for several years before I began exploring hypnosis. Clients frequently requested it, but I had never studied any methods, so I didn't feel confident to try it.

At this point, hypnosis may be one of my favorite activities to explore with clients, and I have received a great deal of positive feedback regarding my technique.

I learned hypnosis by developing my own technique, one that I believe is more effective than traditional methods that are often outdated and so cliched that they often make it harder to make the subject into trance. I developed my style based on my experience as a meditator and practicioner of Tantra and Yoga. I know how to induce a trance state in myself very well, and I applied this same method to my subjects, and it works wonderfully. I also enter a trance state of my own while giving hypnosis, and find it to be very relaxing.

Since I have begun, I have read some books on the subject as well as consulting with experts. However I am glad I begun with my own instincts rather than using another person's method. More than anything, interpersonal chemistry and genuine connection is what matters the most.

I believe hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to deepen a sense of surrender in my submissive clients, as well as a wonderful tool for entering pure intimate, erotic bliss. 

Want a taste of my silky, hypnotic voice? Give me a call.