As a veteran phone courtesan, I have talked to hundreds (if not thousands!) of people over the years. And yes, while this is my career, I do care about my clients, and there are particular individuals whose calls I especially look forward to. The bottom line is if you are a good client, you will have a better overall experience on your calls, and with forming intimate connections with your favorite flirt(s). I decided to write up a little guide to give you some insight to what it takes to be the sort of unforgettable client I love!

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1. Don't ask for discounts, or haggle- ever.
I have blocked people over this type of behavior. It is rude and disrespectful. The worst are the guys who say "I know a girl who will do the same thing for half your rate"- great, please call her instead. Free minutes, etc. must be offered by the flirt herself, because she likes you. She is the one who decides if you get a hookup- not you. I am the most generous with clients who are generous with me. There is nothing less sexy than a broke beggar. Good phone sex is a luxury worth saving for. 

2. Allow enough time for the call.
Especially if it's your first time calling, or you want something time consuming such as hypnosis. Set aside a minimum of 20 minutes for your call, longer if you want a deep hypno session. Add enough money to your account so that the call is not interrupted every five minutes with a one minute warning.  It is frustrating to have someone edge themselves, call, and expect me to get them off in three minutes so they can hang up. 

3. Know what YOU want.
When you call me, I want to make you happy and give you a wonderful experience, whether you are seeking a mind blowing orgasm, some pleasurable relaxation, or just some friendly conversation. But although I am highly intuitive, I am not a mind reader. 

It's always a good idea to go into a call for some sense of what you want. It's not enough information to know that you are submissive, or "want a woman to tell you what to do." Give me specific details. Is your fantasy about being spanked? Cuckolded? What do you envision me wearing? What do you envision YOU wearing? Check out my list of favorite fantasies if you need some inspiration. These little details are tremendously helpful in helping us create the experience you desire. There is no need to be shy about what it is you really want. No matter how weird you think it is, I can guarantee I've probably heard weirder. If anything your fantasy may be way more common than you realize. 

It's also a good idea to spend the time to find a flirt who really meets your needs. If you call a submissive flirt because you like her photo, but you wish to be dominated, you'll be both be disappointed. If you're not certain if a flirt will be interested in your particular fantasy,  you can always send a message to check in before calling. However, it is a good idea to send a tribute if the message is particularly long, or if you desire a prolonged correspondence, to demonstrate that you value her time. Many of us receive dozens of message each day, and may or may not have time to read multiple messages if we are busy with calls. A tribute helps you stand out from the rest.

4. Respect boundaries and keep realistic expectations. 
It can be easy to forget that you are paying for a sexual fantasy if you feel a deep connection and "fall" for a flirt. After all, a charming, sexy, and likable personality is a requirement for this job! I genuinely enjoy the company of my clients and am usually pretty open and honest about what type of person I am. However, I do have a personal life that I keep separate from my work, and I strongly feel that this clearly defined boundary is part of why I am successful. 

Begging a flirt to meet you in person, say "I love you," or date you is unfair and inappropriate. If a girlfriend is what you are looking for, you'll be much better off signing up with an online dating service. A flirt cannot replace your desire for an in-person relationship, and it is unrealistic to expect us to meet that need for you. 

5. Be respectful. 
My idea of a perfect call goes something like this: the client introduces themselves, we get to know each other a little bit (or we catch up if we've spoken before), we explore an erotic fantasy together with plenty of time to build tension towards an explosive climax, we wrap up the call, and the client leaves me (hopefully positive) feedback and a tribute (it doesn't have to be a huge one, it's the thought that counts!) 

The calls I dread: client is pushy, abrupt, won't tell me their name, won't tell me what they want, behaves in a rude fashion, hangs up after a few minutes. These guys leave me frustrated, feeling as though my time has been wasted. I truly wonder why these men don't just masturbate to a free porn website! 

I'm also not a fan of callers who use racial slurs against me (without first establishing whether or not I am okay with raceplay), who push to discuss topics that are off-limits within Niteflirt's TOS, and who are otherwise insulting, degrading, or mean. These guys get blocked. 

In a nutshell? Be respectful, be realistic, be generous, and be yourself. This is the quickest way to form a great connection with a flirt who can truly give you what you need- and who will look forward to chatting with you every time.  Maybe I can be the one for you. <3


Goddess Eriko