I first realized how much wrestling turned me on when I was nineteen. I was at a kinky party where they had some set up some mats to do erotic wrestling. I was approached by Kaz, a short but muscular Polish guy, who asked if I wanted to go down to the mat with him. I am five feet tall and 105 pounds, what is known as an "atomweight" in the fighting world, or a "spinner" in the sex worker world (though I would beat the shit out of any man who dared "spin" me!) Kaz was about 5' 6" and 145- a lightweight by male standards, but still bigger for me. He promised I could tap out at any time if I felt overwhelmed, but I learned that my smallness was an advantage in some ways. Kaz was stronger, but I was faster, and my smallness made it easier to wriggle out of his grasp. It was my first time wrestling a man, and I was surprised to find myself getting wetter and wetter as we struggled together (and I was only wearing my black lace bra and panty set, Kaz was in a tight pair of boxer briefs- it was a sex party, after all). At one point, Kaz was on top and I could feel him rubbing his rock hard erection against my inner thigh, dangerously close to my pussy. Click here if you want to know how the rest of the night went. ;)

After that night, wrestling became a major turn on for me. I got addicted to the porn site Ultimate Surrender, which featured girls wrestling and fighting with a winner takes all finish, usually strap-on, rough fingering, and face sitting. I started dating a guy named Jesse who also had a thing for wrestling, but said the girls on Ultimate Surrender lacked real skills, so he turned me on to watching UFC MMA fights. Even though those "official" fights are not advertised as sexual in nature, there is something so homoerotic and hot to me about them. Jesse and I would watch these fights together, then wrestle in bed, ending up with one of us pinning the other to the bed before a round of bareback fucking. I still masturbate thinking about it! 

I was introduced to boxing fetish, aka agonophilia, by one of my favorite clients. I introduced him to my friend who is an editor friend, so you can actually read about his fetish here! It wasn't much of a stretch to go from a wrestling fetish to boxing (esp. since MMA often has a strong boxing component). He even sent me a pair of pink boxing gloves so I could hit the bag in the gym in my apartment building. (Check out my deluxe boxing goody bag here if you want more!)

After realizing how much I love boxing, I began making boxing recordings and photo sets and have realized that it's truly an underserved niche on Niteflirt- a niche that I am excited to fulfill! I love doing boxing fantasy roleplays with clients, it is just too much fun...

And while we're on the subject of fighting....Catfights are definitely a slightly different genre than regular wrestling and boxing, but they're also a helluva a lot of fun. I love it when clients have me make custom recordings where I kick the ass of someone who drives them up the wall in real life (usually a mother-in-law, wife's bitchy friend, ex-girlfriend, etc.). Seems like a healthy way to blow off some steam :) 

I could discuss this topic forever, but if you wanna know more, you can give me a call. I'll leave you with this amazingly erotic Versace video my dear agonophile client sent me, because it is SUPER HOT! 

Until next time...XOXO