There is something really sexy about fantasizing about the people in positions of power that we encounter on a daily basis. There are everyday things that feel really unintentionally kinky for me, like working out with my personal trainer (when he pushes me to "go harder"), getting my brazilian wax (so much pussy pain!), and gynecologist checkups (literally getting spread open and fingered by a stranger!) Have I had fantasies about my dentist molesting me when he gave me laughing gas in order to pull my wisdom teeth out? *Maybe*. Not gonna lie! 

Doctors in particular have the power to force you to strip naked and expose every inch of your body to them. (Have you ever had a full body examination at the dermatologists? It's intense.) Of course it's a little humiliating too, especially if you are secretly enjoying yourself. 

 My #1 classic porn leading man! 

My #1 classic porn leading man! 

One of the hottest scenes in porn I have ever seen is a medical scene from a 1970s Jamie Gillis film called Waterpower. I am a huge fan of classic porn, and have a massive crush on the very sexy Jamie Gillis (RIP!), but be warned that this is kind of an incredibly dark and disturbing film about an enema fetishist. However, there's an incredibly hot medical scenario in this film (it starts about 13 minutes in if you click the link above). It takes place in a BD/SM dungeon, where a Doctor/Patient roleplay is in progress. The "patient" is a pretty young woman named Pamela who has been "generally disobedient" and needs to have her body "cleaned of vile humors" with a high colonic. Pamela is bound and gagged for the procedure, filled up using as inflatable nozzle, and the nurse drops to her knees and gives the doctor a blowjob while he holds her open to expel the water into a bedpan. It's intense and hot as hell. 

I admit that I love the drama of medical play, assuming the role of a dominant who remains cold and clinical while doing invasive and humiliating things to a submissive, "for their own good." I love that feeling of total authority. I own a multitude of speculums, wartenberg wheels, enema bulbs, Chinese cupping sets, rubber gloves, pumps, and other toys that work great for medical scenes. (I've also had my eye on this nurse costume if you'd like to spoil me). As a matter of fact, my most popular recording on Niteflirt is a medical roleplay

I decided to go ahead and record three "follow up appointments" to the original recording.

The first one is an enema, inflatable buttplug, and penis pumping roleplay

the second is a tease and denial scenario with a sexy nurse


 the third involves you inseminating that nurse while you receive a prostate massage with a strap-on!

 You can buy them separately as standalone recordings, or as a bundle for $24

I would love to hear what you think about medical fantasies! Give me a call and tell me your thoughts....

 Not me, but super cute! <3

Not me, but super cute! <3