I get asked a lot about how I got into working as a PSO, both by clients and friends. (I also have a lot of people ask me to help them get into the biz, but that’s another story for another time). In case you are wondering, yes, Niteflirt is how I make a living. I also make and sell artwork under a different name, but phone sex is where the majority of my income comes from. It’s a wonderful job that allows me to meet many different kinds of people, offers me flexible hours, and allows me to work from anywhere (which is amazing because travel is my favorite hobby!) The best part is I get paid to talk about sex, which is something I love to do anyway!

I started out by working for an agency when I was eighteen years old. It was a good way to make money as a college student, but to be honest, I hated working for this particular agency (who will remain anonymous). They charged my clients as much as $5 a minute, while paying me less than minimum wage. They made me lie to the clients and say that I was calling a party line for free, and I was never allowed to admit that I was a PSO. My phone was connected to hundreds of lines, and I rarely spoke the the same person twice, let alone had any opportunities to build relationships with regulars. Every time the phone rang, a voice would tell me what type of call it was (Latina, Asian, Ebony, BD/SM, Smoking, Hairy Woman, etc. etc. etc.), so I was pretending to be dozens of different girls everyday! It was sort of stressful having to make up a new character every single time instead of getting to be myself (which I do now). 

I quit the agency after a year, after becoming fed up with the exploitative ways they treated their employees. I took a break from phone sex for a while, but found myself missing it. I loved talking to clients about their fantasies. A friend told me about Niteflirt. I wasn’t sure at first if I would make enough money as an independent PSO, since it was up to me to create my own profiles and so forth rather than simply having calls routed to me. I was surprised when I realized I could make more money in one day on Niteflirt than I’d make in a month at the agency. (Wish I was joking- the agency was really that bad.) The Niteflirt platform is a great fit for me, and six years later, I haven’t looked back since. 

It's wonderful having the power to control my image, rates, and marketing, as well as the opportunity to develop deeply satisfying relationships with my clients. I’ve continued to grow my business over the years by offering custom recordings, photo sets, and other content, as well as gaining a social media presence through my Twitter & this blog. It’s been great getting to share more about me and my life with clients, as well as getting to know them better as well! 

Another fun fact about my career as a PSO: I have a Master’s degree and have held down some prestigious jobs while doing this work. At some point I just realized that it paid better and I liked it more than anything else I could be doing. I think at the end of the day I'm a creative person and social butterfly and this is the best fit for my personality on so many levels. 

So that’s pretty much my PSO story. Would love to hear about what first brought you to Niteflirt the next time we chat!