You may wonder why as a Dominant Woman,  I prefer to be called Goddess rather than Mistress of Ma'am (the worst!) 

I truly and fully came into my dominant power when I began studying Tantra (a spiritual path that can include sexual meditations), and learned to embrace my inner Goddess nature. My teacher used to call me her "beautiful Goddess sister" and while at first it seemed a little silly, after time I realized that I love being called a Goddess. I call my female friends Goddess and Queen on a daily basis to remind each other of our innate power as women. 

I ask my submissives and slaves to call me Goddess instead of Mistress, because in that way they are not only worshipping me, but worshipping the power and glory of Divine Feminine Power. Men have this power inside of them too, and are happiest when this side of themselves is in balance with their masculinity. Instead, many seek to suppress the sacred feminine aspect of themselves because our society devalues and degrades femininity. Embracing this aspect of yourself does not necessarily mean putting on lipstick or a dress (though I do think sissification does tie into this suppressed energy), but learning how to surrender rather than being controlling. Learning to listen, to be gentle, loving, caring and patient. 


When my slaves ask how they can best serve me, I ask them to live their best lives in devotion to the Goddess. This means taking care of their bodies with healthy diet and exercise. Taking care of their minds through reading and meditation. Taking care of their souls by calling on Goddess energy when life gets to be too much. But most importantly, learning to enjoy life and find pleasure is critical to health and well being. Spiritual sex is not as complicated as it sounds.

Spiritual sex is breathing. Going slowly. Edging. Building anticipation. Focusing on the process of giving and receiving pleasure fully, rather than rushing. Focusing 100% on the feeling on your body instead of letting your mind drift. When one does release the powerful energy of orgasm, that energy can be directed towards manifesting a goal (what is called "sex magic"). I often ask my submissives and slaves to direct their sexual energy to me when they have their orgasm as an energetic "gift" of devotion. 

I incorporate spiritual sexuality into my training and hypnosis for those who desire it. My clients have found it to be deeply relaxing, and transformative in their daily lives. They feel happier, more balanced, and more relaxed as they learn to surrender and embrace what is. Our society would have us believe that sex is a dirty thing, but in fact it is some of the most sacred and powerful energy in existence. 

One of my favorite Tantric practices is yoni (vulva) and lingam (penis) massage. These massage techniques allow the receiver to simply receive sensation, pleasure, and release with any emphasis on orgasm. How often does one get to lie back and simply receive relaxing sexual pleasure in this way? You don't even have to have an erect penis to receive this massage (though it is often a side effect of these techniques!) Lingam massage can be performed on oneself as a sexual healing practice, and I often use the techniques as part of my JOI calls and recordings.  You can check a few of them out here:

Goddess Worship Bundle

Shamanic Hypnotic JOI with Bells and Chanting

If you're interested in learning more about Tantra, I highly recommend a book called Urban Tantra by Barbara Carrellas. And of course, we can always chat about it during a call, and I can talk you through techniques that can give you intense pleasure and transform your life! 

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