Are you familiar with the concept of tributing? Pioneered by the Reddit "TributeMe" subreddit. it's the practice of a man shooting his cum load all over the photo over someone's photo: nude photo or face pic, usually. In the case of Reddit, it's women who are eager to see a stranger's semen sprayed across a picture of their ass, pussy or tits. The women who submit photos are carefully screened so it's verified that her photos are REAL.

I have always loved having my lover's cum sprayed on my breasts, ass, face, inside or on top of my pussy...So of course the idea of a total stranger cumming to my photos and seeing their load all over it turns me on to the extreme. One of my regulars did this for me today and it was incredibly hot to see. Want a peek?


Although I have not submitted photos to the Reddit forum, it gave me an idea for a tribute PTV game! Click the PTV to receive a selection of naughty pics to choose from, including an xtra explicit pussy pic not available in any of my goodie bags...You pick the one you like best, cum on it for me, send me a pic of my "tributed" pic and I will post it to my twitter! I'm soooo looking forward to this...