Her fingers are inches away from her throbbing clit and wet hole...

Her fingers are inches away from her throbbing clit and wet hole...

It's very strange...Even though I don't intend to become pregnant or have a child any time soon...One of my favorite fantasies both for solo masturbation and phone sex is breeding and impregnation. 

Maybe it's the fact that when you look at a beautiful pregnant woman, the first thing you can think of (at least for me) is how she got pregnant. You wonder if it was a carefully planned session of lovemaking with a husband or boyfriend...Or even hotter, bareback sex that felt so good that they didn't use a condom or pull out...Maybe she knew she was taking a risk, but that primal urge to open up her body to a powerful man's sperm took over, overriding all logic...Maybe he whispered "I'm going to breed you" into her ear,  right before he pushed the tip of his cock as deep inside her fertile pussy as possible to ensure that he pumped a potent load of semen directly into her waiting womb. Maybe she whimpered "knock me up" as she spread her thighs open wider to take him deeper, then wrapped her legs around him so tightly that he can't pull out, even if originally he was planning to.

There's something about watching her body grow that's hot to me, as if the fertile sexuality of her body is being placed on public display. Even the most flat chested women develop huge tits when they're bred. Pregnant women's bodies seem to be just made for sex, especially since the hormones released often make them insatiably aroused and hungry for cock. And because they're already pregnant, they can bareback as much as they want, even multiple men. I love imagining myself pregnant on all fours, with my baby bump and huge breasts swaying as I beg a group of alpha males to take turns with my wet, swollen pregnant pussy. 

 hmmm....I think I need to go masturbate now...

hmmm....I think I need to go masturbate now...

Yes, breeding is definitely a privilege for alpha males only. Many beta males are thrilled at the prospect of watching their wife get stretched and made to cum over and over by a superior cock, that moment of no return when the alpha male's massive cock and balls start throbbing and pumping semen into her fertile womb...Many couples who have trouble conceiving would be much better off if they just used this highly-effective method. Who cares if the husband is the biological father or not? If he's a beta male he doesn't deserve to have his inferior genes carried on anyway! If the baby is obviously not his (i.e. if it's the wrong color) then it's even better- a public admission that he was cucked, and a daily public humiliation that he deserves. 

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