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It's been a while since I've update the blog, but I'm excited for today's post. I decided to run a little poll both on Niteflirt and on my twitter, to ask my patrons what their favorite/sexiest part of a woman's body is in their estimation. I was expecting a lot of people to reply "butt" because, well...You've seen my photos. 

 One of my best assets, no pun intended!

One of my best assets, no pun intended!

As predicted, booty was the #1 favorite body part of people who responded on Niteflirt. Here's how the percentages broke down:

Ass/butt: 35%
Legs: 21%
Eyes or face: 21%
Breasts: 14%
Hips: 7%

Now here's the results from Twitter:

 One follower also voted for feet after the poll closed. 

One follower also voted for feet after the poll closed. 

As you can see, butt was equally popular in both groups of respondents but folks on twitter are way more excited about boobs, apparently! Folks on Niteflirt were more into legs and face as well.

I really loved reading the wonderful things you had to say about what you love about women's bodies:

"if I had to pick one body part it would be the ass.  A great ass that's not too big and not too small is lovely.  It's summer dress season here in NY and the way a nice rump moves under a dress is intoxicating.  Just a little side to side movement that catches your eye and says "over here, big boy".  It wants to be kissed, squeezed and spanked.  And when you get behind your woman there's just no better view than that ass moving, the muscles of her back, and her exposed neck and shoulders."

"Although it wasn't exactly listed, I'd say hips.  What I mean by that is that I love the curve from a tiny waist (that term, "tiny" is relative - even a larger woman can have a tiny waist if it is significantly smaller than her hips), down to her round hips.  Sort of the classic hour glass figure. Nothing is better than laying next to a woman, both of us on our sides, and I take my hand and start at her upper back.  I then slowly bring it to her rib cage, on the side.  Then is gradually slides down, like  a gentle hill to the valley of her waist.  Once there, it lingers for moment before gliding up to the apex of her round, curvy hip.  From there, a number of options are possible.  Maybe reverse course.  Or slide back to grab her ass, or caress her inner thigh, or.......??"

"Face then breasts. Body parts are fun, but the face is the expressive part, the physical embodiment of the emotional parts of a partner. You really can't go wrong with it."

"Most erotic is the feet, staring up at the soles."

Thanks so much to all of you who responded!

As for me personally? Well, besides pussy, which I adore, I think I am most obsessed with playing with other women's boobs. (Yes, I am bisexual and love girls!) I just get dumb around big breasts and want to touch them, they are so visually enticing to me! But to be honest, I love every part of a woman's body and I love how much diverse beauty there is on Niteflirt and beyond.

And my favorite part of a man's body (besides his dick)? His arms and chest. I love muscular, vascular arms and strong hands. I also love lying with my face on a man's chest playing with his chest hair, it's so relaxing! So maybe I'm just into breasts/chests all around?

Stay tuned for more poll topics in future....

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